Cicciotun is a production company you can count on.
20 years of experience, from traditional animation to everything you can consider a video.
366 days a year of passion, even if they are not leap years.
Hundreds of top quality audiovisual contents,
Cicciotun always looks for the best solutions, discovering and learning new ones.
Sheets on sheets and more and more sheets, we have stopped counting them (often, by now, the computer takes care of it).
One solution: it’s every time ours, original and memorable.
The balance is positive, if we consider how many times our job has saved us and how many times we saved it.
Cicciotun is different, for styles, productions, people, method: animation has taught us
that to make something move, a line, a heart or a wallet, you must go one frame by frame, step by step.
And then you also need speed to make the sequence work.
We work as follow: carefully, step by step, regardless of who chooses to walk along with us.
Many numbers do not make a result, they make many results.



We turn your doubts into certainties. From the creative concept to the style, without forgetting the budget.

  • style&mood research
  • times and costs
  • creative support


We turn your ideas into stories to tell. From the first to the last frame.

  • script
  • storyboard / animatic
  • still frames


We turn your communication into an audiovisual content. All inclusive.

  • pre-production
  • production
  • post-production



Anna Pullini

Direttore di produzione

Jacopo Martinoni


Luca Peretti

Direttore Creativo

Francesca Bozzano

Direttore delle Animazioni

Different hands to do a single project, different hands to make each project unique. Anyone who sets foot (or hand) in Cicciotun leaves his personal signature in our history and in our productions. The trusted professionals who work with us are tirelessly creative and hopelessly original, everyone in their way. And if Cicciotun is Cicciotun, it is also thanks to them.