It happens to everyone

TV Series (6×26’)

The conflict between emotions and rationality to solve everyday problems,
from the point of view of the brain.

The human being is daily involved in situations that provoke emotional reactions. This implies a considerable effort, because man has to manage a complexity of emotions that overwhelm him, but he can’t see the process nor investigate the reasons.

Actually, love, stress, conflict and the other emotions of our life respond to specific biochemical and psychological processes, which can be investigated starting from the headquarter of reason: the brain. In this way we can discover the profound motivations that guide our behavior and our reactions to common events.


  • TV Series (6 episodes)
  • Web Series
  • Editorial projects


  • Three narrative registers
  • Learning while having fun
  • Aesthetic approach
  • Current format
  • Versatility
  • Potential worldwide exportation


Storyboard Ep.1

Animatic Ep.1


Storyboard Ep.1

Animatic Ep.1

Backstage Ep.1


Format: TV Series 6 x 26′
Target: Adults(25-45)
Language: Italian

The format structure provides for the balanced alternation of three formal registers: the fiction with the actors in live action, the animation that illustrates the scientific contents through metaphorical and funny images, and the narrator. As an inside/ outside character, he has a detached point of view on the story and he brings us into the mechanisms that drive the behavior of the characters.

The story develops with an ironic and spontaneous style and the contents also include curious anecdotes that make scientific notions clear. In particular, in the animated focus that support the narrator’s explanations, the intent is to find always some effective and dynamic images, not purely illustrative of the scientific processes and anatomical details, to give importance to entertainment and fun.

The animation scenes are made in 3D CG and vector tradigital. In the demo episode The chemistry of feelings these sequences were also produced in stereoscopy.

The light tone of fiction and the addition of animations allows to explain contents to the widest possible audience. Considering the topics, the ideal target is represented by an audience between 25 and 45 years old.

The series consists of 6 episodes, each one focuses on a specific emotional situation:

– EPISODE 1. LOVE – The reasons of the heart  (vd. The chemistry of feelings)

– EPISODE 2. STRESS – Work, what a stress!

– EPISODE 3. CONFLICTUALITY – The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

– EPISODE 4. BIG LIE – Lies!

– EPISODE 5. MUSIC – Move up!

– EPISODE 6. TIME – Tempus fugit


The docu-fiction The chemistry of feelings is the first episode of the series It happens to everyone. Love is the topic of this first episode.

One evening, in a bar in Florence, Pietro, 30 years old, meets Claudia by chance. For him it’s love at first sight. They start dating and then they start to know each other better discovering the various stages of falling in love until the inevitable question: will they live happily ever after?A situation already seen, with people who resemble us.But now let’s imagine that in the same bar, sitting next to Peter, there is a man that only us can see. He wears a light suit and an old-fashioned glasses with a thick black frame. In  the background, the man lives the story of the couple and he explains to us their choices and their behavior, introducing the animated “focus on” scenes. He is the reason (or the brain) behind their actions and their emotions.


EPISODE 1 100 milligrams0%
TOTAL DEVELOPMENT 15 milligrams0%