Social digital campaign Dr@g-net

An experimental journey, searching for a disturbing and uncoventional mode of expression.

Clack is a mixed media short film, produced for the social digital campaign of the awareness project Dr@g-net aimed at children and teens in primary and middle schools about the conscious use of the web and against the dissemination of psychoactive substances.
Based on the creative inputs from the students involved into the project, Clack is a creative experiment that took shape during its develpoment. A continuous daring and stimulating technical and stylistic research in all the production phases (from shooting to music, up to the tradigital animation) to get a fresh and innovative video, that would like deals with a delicate subject close to young viewers, using the unconventional language of the new generations.


  • New social campaign
  • Educational activity
  • International distribution


  • Fresh mood
  • Uncovention language
  • Fruition versatility



Clack Trailer



Format: 1 animated short
Target: 11+
Technique: Mixed media


  • Associazione ISES
  • Anlaids – Sezione lombarda
  • ASIFA Italia
  • Aries Cooperativa sociale
  • Azmut Cooperativa sociale
  • Sirio Cooperativa sociale

The project promotes a conscious use of the web againstthe dissemination of psychoactive substances among the adolescents. ASIFA ITALIA is the coordinator of the content production for digital campaigns, and it chose Cicciotun to produce one of the two animated videos of the project.

The project is developed in many schools throughout the country, through meetings on the subject and creative workshops in order to give the studeents the possibility to give a personal interpretation of these issues. The Clack short is born from these students suggestions.


To leave the comfort zone. To venture unknown and, sometimes, unstable fields. To let the instinctive approach in command.
Clack is an experimental journey, searching for a disturbing mode of expression to match the subject handled: the inhuman condition caused by the addiction.
Not only derived from pills and drugs.

The unconventional style, blunt and biting like the language commonly used by the young audience targeted by film, is the result of mixed techniques that had “experiment” as their key word: we freely took inspiration from sensation and stimuli of school children, between 13 and 16 years old, during meetings aimed at the education for a responsible use of the web and the unfortunately easy way to find psychoactive substances.
The live footage of the mechanical movement of wooden sticks, the instinctive and extreme mouths and eyes’ animation, the artificial 3D pills rendering, the scratched backgrounds: everything comes together in an alienated and alienating world, made of deformed and annoying characters, in which the spectator hasn’t exactly the pleasure of identifying himself.
The obsessive sound and visual repetitiveness draws us in a rush of events from which, once we realize the tragic ending, we aren’t allowed to get out of, in a dark and inescapable conclusion.


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